LILIE LTD, A leading company in Israel in the field of importing and marketing drilling equipment, construction machines, spare parts and equipment. The company, founded in 1996 by Alon Lilie, is considered a leader in its field and providing comprehensive service to the construction and infrastructure industry through a network of leading suppliers and manufacturers worldwide. Throughout its years of operation, the company has been engaged in the import and marketing of spare parts and equipment, drilling machines and accessories.

LILIE is a major key player in the infrastructure and drilling market and represents leading and well-known manufacturers in their fields worldwide and in Israel. As part of its activities, the company offers import and marketing services for the construction and infrastructure industry, engineering equipment, professional equipment for the drilling industry, accessories, and supplementary equipment.

LILIE is an authorized company for construction machinesand holds an import and trade license on behalf of the Israeli Ministry of Transport for all models of the existing machinesin the State of Israel and meets all the standards and requirements according to Israeli law.

LILIE holds exclusive franchises for import and marketing of well-known brands companies in the field of drilling, infrastructure, equipment manufacturing companies, accessories, supplementary equipment and pumps for the drilling industry.